Sheryl’s Approach

Here is more info about what encompasses Sheryl’s unique approach to Nutritional Therapy using the terms from the vision statement:

empowering information

Learn what your choices are.  Learn that you have choices.  Knowledge is power so find out what fuels you.  Learn about real food in a simple and straightforward way.  Sheryl is passionate (really passionate) about local and organic produce, whole grains, high quality proteins, plant-based fats, and water.  Lots of water.

lifestyle review

Look at your life through the lens of food (daily routine and pressures, work, relationships, social outings, energy level, mood ups and downs) and learn how each part affects the whole.  Come to understand what obstacles you face and how to move toward your goals in spite of them.

emotional and spiritual support

You have a unique journey and you are not alone.  In your work together, Sheryl serves as an understanding big sister and trusted confidante, making sure you feel safe and heard even when talking about the tough stuff.  She also makes sure that the health (and connection) of your mind, body, and spirit, are a part of the conversation.

health-plan devising

Every client is unique so every plan is unique.  Sheryl can give you a grocery shopping list and tips on how to order food at a restaurant.  She can recommend nutritional supplements as needed, provide support for a cleanse, or help you get motivated to exercise.

practical advice

Sheryl shares those nutrition secrets and helpful hints that she’s learned from her many years of study and from her own personal experience.


Sheryl doesn’t sugar-coat anything. If she sees something, she says something. Sheryl also has a terrific network of people at her fingertips.  If something is outside her wheelhouse, she’s the first to admit it and seek guidance or make a recommendation for you to get help elsewhere. 


Sheryl is a firm believer in the importance of valuing oneself; she gives tough love when it’s needed; she’s always good for a laugh; and she is a true friend to each and every one of her clients.


Feel great.  Be your best Self.  Get real results.  Hear good news.  Hear some more good news.  How does that sound?

Your wholly healthy life looks like?  That’s up to you!  Sheryl will cheer you on.