A Message From Sheryl

headshotHello there. You may be coming to Rocket Nutrition because you’ve reached a turning point in your life. Or perhaps it’s more of a breaking point? I had one of those.

I was on a crowded subway years ago, coming home from a long day at work. An elderly woman stood up and offered me her seat. I thought, “Man, I must look really exhausted!” But then the woman patted my belly and smiled. “Holy #@*%,” I said to myself. “She thinks I’m pregnant.” I was mortified. Mortified. Because I wasn’t pregnant, I was 70 pounds overweight.

I decided then and there to make a change. I became determined to better understand my health, my habits, and my happiness. It’s been an unbelievably transformational journey. Because, guess what? They’re all connected. When I was that mortified woman on the subway, I wasn’t just 70 pounds overweight. I also hated my job. I was in denial of my addictions. I was uneducated about food. I wasn’t self-expressed creatively. I was sluggish and cranky, with cravings I couldn’t control. And I didn’t feel like I was anywhere near to being my best Self.

I have since rocketed past that time in my life. I am actually happy. I’m energized, educated and eager to share what I’ve learned with you. Have you reached your turning point yet? I’d be honored to hear your story. I’d be honored to be a part of your transformation.



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